Blush Rosé Hair Color from Scruples

Before applying a toner, creating the perfect canvas with lightener is key. Then, one toner can create multiple shades. The placement of the lightener, the type of lightener used and the level of lift achieved all come together to create this dimensional Blush Rosé shade, which uses a Scruples smudge root formula and one toner.

Formula & Application:
Natural level: 6

Formula 1: 1 part Power Blonde Balayage Clay Lightener with 2 parts Pure Oxi 40-volume Creme Developer
Formula 2: 1 part Power Blonde Lightening Powder with 2 parts 10-volume creme developer
Formula 3: 1 part Power Blonde 9 + Lightening Powder with 2 ½ parts 30-volume creme developer
Formula 4: ½ oz True Integrity 6AG + ½ oz Clear with 1½ oz Demi-Permanent Creme Developer
Formula 5: 2 oz Power Blonde Conditioning Gel Fashion Toner Cosmo with 2 parts 10-volume creme developer

1. Create a triangular section in the crown with the point of the triangle starting at the hairline.
2. Using Formula 1, surface paint the hair left out of the triangle. Isolate the painted pieces with Scruples Color Papers.
3. Starting at the back of the triangle, take thin, baby-light slices, apply Formula 2, and alternate them with fine, woven sections that use Formula 3. To create beach-inspired dimension, leave subsections of untreated hair in between the sliced and woven sections. Process to desired degree of lightness and shampoo.
4. Apply Formula 4 to the root area of the damp hair for a smudge root, and apply Formula 5 to the rest of the hair. Process up to 20 minutes. (A longer processing time will help create a more saturated final color result.) Rinse under cool water until water runs clear, then lightly shampoo and condition.

Color, cut and style: Jamie Sea
Photographer: Jake Thompson
Makeup: Kumi

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