Violicious: Purple Color Formula from CHI

“I am Violet” is inspired by the colors of nature for harmonized tones that are in perfect balance. Adding touches of not-too-natural CHI violet creates a strong highlight.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 4

Formula 1: 1 oz Blondest Blonde with 1½ oz CHI Color Generator 20 volume
Formula 2: 1 oz Ionic Shine Shades Liquid Color 8V with 1 oz CHI Color Generator 10 volume
Formula 3: 1 oz 6V with 1 oz Color Generator 10 volume

1. Using Formula 1, pre-lighten a half circle in the area behind the crown that is about 1-inch wide. Repeat the half circle in the fringe area. Process 20 minutes total, applying low heat for 10 minutes. You should reach level 8. Shampoo, condition, treat and blow dry.
2. Apply Formula 2 on the pre-lightened areas.
3. Apply Formula 3 to the rest of the hair, blending the two formulas by overlapping Formula 2 over Formula 3. Process 30 minutes.

Hair: Patrick Kalle
Photographer: Richard Monsieur
Makeup: Alberto Caleb Oz

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