With Paul Mitchell The ColorXG swirls of lilac and lavender, Violet Opal is said to detract from negative energy. Just like its soft yet unmistakable array of colors, it gives anyone who possesses it an aura of magic.

Formula & Application:
Natural level was previously lightened to a level 9/10

Formula 1: 2½ oz UTA + ½ oz 6V + one 6-inch ribbon of Violet Intensifier with 4½ oz 20-volume cream developer
Formula 2: 1 oz UTA + 1 oz 9A with 3 oz 30-volume cream developer

1. Working on the pre-lightened canvas, section hair into the standard four sections.
2. Starting at in the nape of the back-left section, take a horizontal slice of 1½ to 2 inches and saturate the prelightened hair with Formula 1.
3. Then take a ½-inch slice and saturate the prelightened hair with Formula 2. Continue alternating the formulas and section sizes as you work up and throughout the head. Process 25 minutes then rinse, shampoo and style.


Color and style: Erin Wheaton

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