Violet Queen: Smokey Quartz Color Formula from Eufora

This fierce Eufora violet is as tough as it beautiful. With smokey quartz thrown in, the royal color combo makes a statement.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 8 (virgin hair)

Formula 1: Aloe Lite bleaching pods with 20-volume developer (1:2) + Color Elixir Professional Additive.
Formula 2: Color Artisan, 15 g Crystal Clear + 15 g Cloud White with a chocolate chip-sized amount of Purple Iris
Formula 3: 30 g Sterling Silver + 5 g Purple Iris with ½ g Blue Sky
Formula 4: 15 g Sterling Silver + 15 g Purple Iris with 1 g Blue Sky

1. Use Formula 1 to pre-lighten the hair. Process 30 minutes, then rinse, shampoo and blow dry.
2. Section out a zigzag pattern above the parietal ridge and apply Formula 2. Separate this section with plastic or foil. (Each section should be separated, due to the desired look and angles of the hair cut.)
3. Section out the hair below the parietal ridge. Apply Formula 3, leaving enough room for Formula 4. Again, separate the section.
4. Apply Formula 4 to the remaining hair. Process 30 minutes. Then rinse Formula 4 first, followed by Formula
3 and lastly, Formula 2. Once all three sections have been rinsed, condition the hair.

Hair: Lisa Warren
Photographer: Clay Cook
Makeup: Mikhail Schulz
Wardrobe: Masaaki Sato

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