This incredible prismatic effect is created by overlaying vibrant #mydentity pastels for a unique take on balayage.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 6

Formula 1: #Big9 Crème Lightener with Permanent #mydentity 30-volume developer (1:1)
Formula 2: 58 g Demi-Permanent 6SS with 6-volume demi-permanent developer
Formula 3: 58 g 8SS with 6-volume demi-permanent developer (1:2)
Formula 4: 58 g 10SS with 6-volume demi-permanent developer (1:2)
Formula 5a-5d: Direct Dye Vibrant Pastel Arctic Blue, Charcoal, Lavender Lust and Pink Diamond

1. Divide the hair into four sections and apply Formula 1 from just off the scalp through the midshafts as you sweep it outward. Seal in foils and process 15 minutes.
2. Then apply Formula 1 on the scalp, in between the foils. Process both formulas together for an additional 15 minutes. Shampoo and dry.
3. Apply Formula 2 on the scalp to create a shadow root. Then apply Formula 3 on the mid-lengths and Formula 4 through ends. Process 30 minutes. Shampoo and dry hair.
4. Using the “Diamond in The Sky” technique, randomly overlay Formulas 5a-5d throughout the hair. Process 20 minutes. Shampoo with cold water.

Color and style: Guy Tang
Photographer: Ben Shadley
Makeup: Jasmine Dashtizad

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