Nebula Storm: Violet Hair Color Formula from Malibu C

This transition from darker to lighter colors uses a melting technique that incorporates subtle hints of violet in various shades blended with Malibu C Concentr8 Colour for added dimension.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 7

Formula 1: 3 g Primary Red Concentr8 Colour + 6 g Primary Blue with 8.5-volume developer, then combined with TIGI Creative 55/22 in desired ratios
Formula 2: Joico Intensity Orchid + Primary Red Concentr8 Colour + Primary Blue in desired ratios to make the color more translucent
Formula 3: Kenra Neon Violet + Primary Blue Concentr8 Colour to create a periwinkle shade
Formula 4: Primary Yellow Concentr8 mixed with water

1. Apply Formula 1 at the new growth, dragging the color down slightly to create a shadow effect.
2. Smudge Formula 2 into midshaft area, then apply some to ends.
3. Apply Formula 3 around the face as a highlight to contrast with Formula 1.
4. Work through the hair, alternating applications of Formulas 4 and 2, smudging each into the midshaft and ends of the sections. Process 45 minutes. Rinse with cool water.
5. Apply Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy at the roots to stop the oxidative action of the developer. Rinse thoroughly.
6. Now apply a custom Malibu C Professional Concentr8 mixer cocktail of 2 pumps Rehydr8 Moisture + 2 pumps Rehabilit8 Protein + 3 pumps Illumin8 Shine Concentr8 Mixers. Process 3 minutes then rinse.

Color, cut and style: Anthony Barnhill and Jamie Suarez
Photographer: Greg Carter/ NuVisions Studio
Makeup: Nichole Servin

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