One challenge salons are often asked to meet is to safely lift natural level-1 hair to near-white in one day while protecting the strength and health of the hair. To meet the need, Eslabondexx Bleach permits up to three lightening services in one day, thanks to its built-in damage protection.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 1

Formula 1: 25 g Bleach with 50 ml 40-volume developer (1:2)
Formula 2: 25 g Bleach with 50 ml 30-volume developer
Formula 3: 25 g Bleach with 50 ml 20-volume developer
Formula 4: 30 g Irise Blonde Toner with 45 ml 5-volume developer

1. Apply Formula 1 to all the hair and process 40 minutes.
2. Use a damp cloth or the back of a comb to remove excess and dried product from hair. Then apply Formula 2. Monitor the processing and, if needed, process up to 40 additional minutes.
3. If you have still not achieved your desired tonality, mix Formula 3 and process another 30 minutes.
4. Shampoo, dry to about 80%, then finish with Formula 4 and Eslabondexx Amplifier for 5 minutes to close the cuticle.

Hair: Claudio Lapenna
Photographer: Andrea Benedetti
Makeup: Marcus Theisen

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