It's All About the Money Piece

L'anza artist Christopher Aaron demonstrates how to give clients perfect face-framing highlights, otherwise known as money pieces, during L'anza's B.I.G. Event 2017 in Cancun, Mexico. 

STEP 1: After prepping hair with L’anza Ultimate Treatment, section hair. Chris created a triangle section on the top of the head, right where his client would lay her part. Then section out pieces that would frame the face.

STEP 2: Take a slice from the front. Put balayage board underneath. Start painting on lightener through the midshaft and ends and work your way up. Slices will give a more bold look, as opposed to babylights, which would be more subtle.

STEP 3: Lay a L’anza film on top of this slice. Chris likes to use these because they are see-through, so he is able to see the lightening process as it happens—no guess-work required!

STEP 4: Repeat with more horizontal slices from the triangle section until you reach where the head begins to curve. Once you reach the final section at the curvature, use a babylight technique to paint on the lightener for a softer look.

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