Top Tips for Leveraging Holiday Gift Certificate Sales

Gift certificates are a great way to leverage the holiday season.

Gift certificates are sales today and butts in seats tomorrow… and especially in the coming months after the holiday rush.  They can be some insurance against slower times.

 Here are my top five tips for leveraging gift certificate sales: 

  1. Promote hard – Signs, social posts and client conversations all make it known that you offer gift certificates and that NOW is the time to buy. Have these conversations with every client on every visit.
  2. Use bonuses – Offer deals whereby a buyer of a certificate for a friend gets a small one for themselves at a reduced rate or FREE. This is not a service price discount.  The services all stay the same price thereby maintaining your pricing but the “money” gets cheaper.
  3. Target January – Offer certificates that are redeemable after January 1 as a way to bump traffic at this typically slower season.
  4. Bundle the certificates – Tie certificates in with take home products. The buyer can keep or give the bundled product.  This adds value and can bump the transaction amount.
  5. Cross promote – Use certificates as opportunities to sample out new services, promote add-ons or other up-sells that can raise tickets down the road. This is a great way to use the sale of certificates to expand your service offerings throughout the year.

 Do you offer gift certificates?  What d you do to make the most of this sales opportunity.

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