Tips on Achieving Faith, Peace of Mind, Balance & Harmony

Some of our Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council members offer their thoughts on this month’s question: December brings our attention to the spiritual aspect of our lives. However you define that—faith, peace of mind, balance, harmony—how do you personally achieve it?

“December is a great time to pause and reflect on all that the year, and life overall, has brought to you. Daily meditation helps me stay centered and focused on what is most important in life. Meditation can take so many forms, but at the core it is about finding peace, feeling centered and connecting to something greater than ourselves. I focus on what I am grateful for. The holiday season is a great time to express love and appreciation to everyone you are grateful for, including friends, family, co-workers and clients.” -JENNIFER WILDER, VP marketing, CosmoProf

“Balance in life is achieved by being respectful of the position that I have been given through dedication and hard work. I try to treat everyone I touch with respect and com-passion and to give more than I receive. This provides emotional balance for me. I keep my mind and heart balanced by working out every morning, connecting with family and scheduling spa, ski and golf outings!” -LYNELLE LYNCH, president, Beauty Changes Lives

“December tends to be hectic and time for balance and reflection is hard to find. For years I felt wiped out mentally and physically—so much so that the time spent during the holidays with loved ones felt like a blur. My birthday is the last day of the year, so January 1 is truly a fresh start. To honor the previous year while staying mentally calm in the chaos of the holidays, every day in December I make notes on my phone of a favorite memory from the year. It can be anything—an accomplishment, something funny my kids said—that makes me smile by just thinking about it. This not only forces me to think about the good in my life, but on the last day of even a difficult year I can close that chapter fulfilled with 31 amazing, sweet and special memories.” -ANNA MANUKYAN, assistant VP education, Matrix and Biolage

“I pack as much as I can into every day, and I often find myself racing against the clock. Over the past few months, I have incorporated meditation into my daily routine. It’s free and available online! It helps me to bring focus to the present moment by starting my day with a mantra. I also try to do yoga three or four days a week. It’s important to create space and time for myself. It’s not easy, but it’s totally worth it, because it greatly impacts my mood and how I am able to manage my stress level.” -JENNIE WOLFF, marketing director, Sola Salon Studios

“December is a great time to focus on what’s really important. I always feel balanced and in harmony when I’m spending time with family. In terms of business, I get a lot of gratification in doing things for other people. During the holiday season, we know our guests have a lot of emotions and the holidays mean different things to different people. Some people have anxiety when seeing friends and family they have not seen in a long time. We have to help them look and feel their best. As service providers, we really have to be on top of our game. The way we make our guests look and feel can help determine their holiday satisfaction.” -LARRY SILVESTRI, president, America’s Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago 

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