Adapting Trend in Men’s Hair

What is the latest trend in men’s hair? Are you in the know? Can you discuss trend with clients in a confident and knowledgeable manner? Trends in hair can be an important element of consultation and client conversation.

 Some clients will wish to sport the latest hair trends. Can you deliver these trend looks?  Are your tools and skills up to date.  Have you played with a manikin to be sure you know how to get the look?

Some clients do not wish to wear trend but do wish to be in the know. They want to know that their haircutter knows… even if they have no interest in wearing trendy looks.

 Some clients wish to wear trend looks but lack the hair length or texture for you to successfully execute the look. Can you modify the look to work with what they have?

 Some clients have the hair to have the trend but your professional eye and experience tells you that they should not attempt it. In many cases your job is to explain and adapt an element of the trend so they go home happy and feel you have heard their wishes and worked with them.

 A client might share an image of a modern pompadour. The trend is really increased top length, not the pomp in specific. Can they have some additional top length without going to the full-on pomp? A client with very curly hair might not wish to do the work of blowing out and styling a pomp on a daily basis. Is there some way for you to give them a feel of the look without going all in on a style that will frustrate them?

 In cases where a client needs to grow their hair out a bit can you hatch a plan and help the client stay on course? Can you be the voice that prevents them from baling on the project half way through when the going gets rough and the patience is wearing thin?

How do you see trend as important in client conversations behind the chair? How do you use trend to add value to your service and business?



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