Stylists, Make $100K in 2018 With This 365 Day Strategy

Did you make $100K cutting hair last year? Do you want to? I can help you make it happen.

Do you know a hair cutter who needs help to make it to this level of income and success?

This is THE book for you (or them).

I have put nearly 30 years of experience into a guaranteed system for hair cutters to change their life, explode their income and secure their financial and professional future.

This book lays out 12 months, 365 days, of business and professional development strategies. 

Business building info... it is in here.

Marketing strategies... yup... In here!

Technical cutting tips... You betcha!

Promotional concepts... I share the best of them.

There is a bonus 53rd week of the year. There are additional bonus chapters and strategies.  There are top 5 tips for additional areas of professional focus and success. There is a TON of information included here.

This book will read like a year long, private, 1 on 1 Ivan Zoot business and technical class.  Can you even imagine how much powerful content is included here?

Anyone and everyone who wishes to succeede in haircutting can dig in to this book and find growth, wealth and BIG success.

Join in on the Kickstarter to be in on the project from ground zero.

Our business is simple, but it is not easy.  it is not easy to do a few simple things extremely well... consistently.

My $100,000 hair cutter system is just that.  it is a system... Guaranteed to work.  Guaranteed to change your life, your future and your income.

 Thank you,

Ivan Zoot

All text and all illustrations are my own original work.

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