Collection: Romantic Winter Hair by Meleesa Luna

Meleesa Luna  (@meleesaluna), an artist with Neuma Beauty, fell in love with the looks from Paris Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2017-2018. 

"Inspiration is what feeds my craft, looking around my surroundings and what other artists are creating is what feeds my art. The haute-couture looks from the runway called me to create styles inspired by the coldness of pure winter and the elegance of the dark, yet warm, winter soirees. The balance between texture and polished classic influenced all aspects from the fabrics, makeup, hair color and textures."


"These romantic winter styles were created using a combination of braids, joining into a softer and more done texture. I used products from Neuma beauty to create the set and the textures.

"The  twist that comes around the fringe was created with soft lacing and wrapped with my fingers then pinned to add some romantic softness. I wanted to incorporate a more natural-looking curl  and, of course, braids because they are so much a part of fashion and romance, so I incorporated them into the style to bring out dimension and still keep a softness."


Prep wet hair with Neuma New Styling Lotion and Neuma New Styling Mousse on dry hair, and blowdry it all in. 

Use a 3/4 inch iron to set the hair while prepping it with Neuma Styling Extender before using the hot tool.

Separate the hair in half, half lightly lacing and spraying with Neuma Medium Spray. I twisted and pinned using hair pins.

Created the braids and sprayed shine to create a highlight on the more satiny curl finish to make them pop.


"Balance between the fabric and the hair was key for me. Polished yet romantic was the goal to step out into the night."


"This look was created by creating a high ponytail using NeuStyling Pomade to bring all the hair to the top of the head and secure with a bungee.

"Once the ponytail came through the base., it was curled with big iron to smooth using NeuStyle Extender by Neuma. The hair was softly backcombed and twisted using the eye to balance and pin the hair in place." 

Final touch: Neuma Ilumination Mist and Neu Control Firm to detail and add shine.


 "A twist to the classic bun. I placed the deep hues and twists to bring out the fun in a classic. It was created same as the above, yet incorporating hair pieces of twisted color to contrast and add interest."

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