Hook into this year’s hot trend for blunt bangs knowing client comfort and a perfect line are certainties by adding the new Bang Face Shields from Ecoheads to your salon's bag of essentials. The salon stylist’s secret to gorgeous bangs, the Bang Face Shield protects the client against heat, hairspray, color and those irritating tiny lengths of cut-off hair.

“It makes for a unique and elevated experience for the client,” says Brandon Da Silva, co-owner with Loree Wesley of one of Maryland’s coolest salons, Jagger James. “Our complimentary bang trim service is now an experience for the client where her make-up is protected and her comfort assured.”

Destined to become one of the most useful pieces of any stylist’s kit, the shields do exactly what the name suggests; shield the client during any style of service. But they do so much more. Besides raising the bar on client experience and comfort, they also provide a perfectly smooth and glide-able base for the cut.

"It’s the secret to a flawless fringe as the hair lies flat on the shield, enabling the stylist to create a perfect line for blunt bangs or a choppy line for feathered bangs, and all without covering the client in tiny pieces of hair that stick to their face," adds Wesley, who with Da Silva and their team is constantly on call for photographic session work.

Bang Face Shields were created by Ecoheads, the pioneering company based in Sydney, Australia that brought water-saving, pressure-pumping Ecoheads shower units to the US.

"Bang Face Shields are manufactured to our strict ethical and environmental code," says ECOHEADS’ Valorie Reavis. "The highly affordable shields and their packaging are made from recyclable plastic and are themselves completely recyclable, in line with the Ecoheads ethos of sustainability."

"The Bang Face Shield has already become an essential for me," says East Coast salon and session stylist Bill Schrlau. "It makes it easy to cut great bangs, while keeping my client, or when I’m on a shoot, my model fully protected and enhancing her overall experience."

Available in packs of 60, they have a thin adhesive strip, made from medical-grade material that gently attaches the guard to just below the hairline, where it will stay until painlessly pulled off by the stylist once the service has finished.

Bang Shields come in packs of 60 for $25. For more information or to order, click here.

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