The Most Important Brushes To Own As An Editorial Stylist

Are you an editorial (or aspiring) stylist? Do you ever wonder which tools you MUST have handy to do your job perfectly?

Daniel Martin, a top editorial stylist and now Goldwell's Global Styling Ambassador, has spent the last 23 years working at fashion week and photoshoots and has learned what works and what he needs for any and every situation. MODERN just met with Martin at the Goldwell/KMS Academy in London where he was working with the Color Zoom Creative Team. He arrived with multiple suitcases filled with appliances, products and tools. Quite organized, we were impressed with his multiple - MULTIPLE - bags of brushes. "I rarely have fewer than 20," says Martin as he looked over the case.

In this video, Martin tells us which brushes make the cut when he has to narrow down his kit and which brushes every editorial stylist should bring to any session or show.

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