Cynthia Valdez
Cynthia Valdez

10 Habits of a Young Stylist is a creative workshop for new beauty graduates or young stylists looking to expand their career in their own terms and is being offered at the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach, CA, this weekend. Created and orchestrated by Cynthia Valdez, owner / creative director of Vinyl Beauty Studio in Austin, TX, it is a workshop “to spark creative thinking.”

 “In this class we want to look inside our tool box and see where we fit in, and find out if we love working in teams and want to be part of a big salon or if we are self-motivated and driven would be happier as an independent,” Valdez says. “I want to empower by sharing my experience as an intern, an employed stylist and also my success as an independent stylist in editorial and entrepreneurship.  This success comes out of key behaviors, attitude and love of the craft.”

Habit #1 

  • Habit of being a student - It starts at school and why you need to love our foundation. Learning to perfect rather than to master in the beginning is a key behavior we pick up at school and carry for the rest of our career. 

Habit #2 

  • Habit of Playing Nice – A habit of learning that we don’t have to always compete but rather inspire each other. How choosing a work environment that nurtures a healthy nice culture can help you achieve bigger dreams and create a community around your craft. 

Habit #3 

  • Habit of living your brand- “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” It’s about creating your best self and living to that standard. Sharing with peers and clients your brand and values will create a unique stamp on your work behind the chair and behind the scenes. 

 “In this class I will also provide small ‘goal digging’ booklets where we will fill out with our own goals, aspirations and plans of action to get there," Valdez says. "In this first five years of my career I believe I have achieved my bucket list dreams, added zeros to my bank account and I am just scratching the surface! My goal with this workshop is to inspire and create a space that I could not find when I left beauty school. I would like to provide some sense and clarity to the chaos that comes with starting your career, to spark interest in learning in a world where social media takes over and independence doesn’t always mean easy. If you find tools and resources to create your own reality for yourself and clients you can succeed at doing what you love." 

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