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Iconic hair styling brand GHD partnered with Jeremy Scott and GHD Fashion Week ambassador Eugene Souleiman to create a stand-out hair look for the brand’s autumn / winter 2018 show.

“The aim today is to get the hair to look as glossy and sharp as possible, almost fake looking," Souleiman said. "There’s a strong synthetic feeling running through Jeremy’s collection and we are taking that and very much running with it.”

Inspired by the gloss and vibrant colorof various fabrics in Jeremy Scott’s collection, as well as its loose association with the late 60’s, Souleiman imagined ‘neon geometric’ wigs in electric yellow, tangerine, lilac, pink, green and turquoise –The sharper and shinier the better. Wigs in a rainbow of neon colors were blow dried and then straightened with the new GHD Gold Professional Styler to lend hyper-real perfection.

“This colorspectrum is normally associated with loose, undone styles, but this look is sharp, geometric and almost space-age," Souleiman said. "It is in some ways a homage to Vidal Sassoon and his cuts.He left us with his legacy. When perfection becomes more than perfection it becomes unreal.” 

1. Apply heat protector and blow dry a neon wig with the GHD Air Hairdryer to achieve a smooth, polished finish.
2. Straighten with the new GHD Gold Professional Styler to make the wig perfectly straight, shiny and super glossy.
3. Before applying the wig, tightly wrap hair around the head and apply a wig cap.
4. Apply the wig.
5. Run the new GHD Gold Professional Stylerover any flyways or kinks to maintain hyper-real smoothness and intense shine.
6. Use classic hair cutting techniques to craft a razor sharp fringe and graphic, super blunt tips.
7. Lightly spritz hairspray into roots for a slight lift.

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