HairUWear celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
HairUWear celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.HairUWear

HairUWear is celebrating a huge milestone for the company this year – its 50th anniversary. Throughout the years, HairUWear’s hairpieces, hair extensions and hair systems have blended popular style trends with new technology to give women and men the ability to instantly transform their hairstyles.

“As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, looking back isn’t the key to the lock. What’s more important is where we are now and where we’re headed,” says Michael Napolitano, President and CEO of HairUWear. “We remain committed to the key drivers of HairUWear’s success: innovation, being ahead of the trends, superior quality, great education and outstanding customer service. Our passion runs through every aspect of the business."

Watch the video below to hear a special message of appreciation from the team at HairUWear:

The Evolution of HairUWear:

HairUWear has evolved throughout the years in many ways, but one thing stays the same – its dedication to providing great products and customer service. The company started as Eva Gabor Wig Boutique, Ltd in 1968, changed its name to Eva Gabor International, Ltd in 1971, and introduced Capless Wigs, where fibers were sewn to bands of lace that shaped the head, allowing air to circulate better.

In 1972, a professional division was established, selling to salons and specialty wig retailers. At this same time, a foreign division was established providing wigs internationally.

In 1979, together with his wife Denise and his mother Eleanor, Napolitano established American Hairlines, which offered professional, non-surgical, hair replacement stock and custom systems for men and women. Between 1981 and 1994 the company introduced Perma-lift (advancements in the PermaTease process), the Comfort Cap and Hair Trix.

When Napolitano assumed the role of president and CEO of American Hairlines in 1996, he merged together Eva Gabor International and American Hairlines. A year after, the company added the Celebrity Signatures International, Inc. division – Great Lengths USA, an extension brand of pre-bonded European human hair strands designed and marketed for hair professionals.

In 1998 Raquel Welch Signature Collection launched, a collection of salon-inspired styles in multidimensional colors designed with HairUWear’s patented Memory Cap construction.

Afterwards, in 2012, Celebrity Signatures International, Inc. and Eva Gabor International division merged. This is when the company’s name was changed to HairUWear Inc. and was reinvented into a multi-branded, fashion-focused company. 2014 was when HairUWear Professional was born, and with it so was its first product offering, HairUWear Professional Clip-in Extensions.

In 2016 Hairdo was re-launched as a fun and free-spirited brand that focused on style and the speed of life. It’s hair that defines freedom and individuality with a fresh, modern, energetic fashion vibe. Following the success of Hairdo, POP by Hairdo was introduced, a fun and colorful hair accessory collection.

2017 was also a big year for HairUWear. Memory Cap III took the Raquel Welch Collection’s patented Memory Cap technology to a new level. Gabor Basics was re-launched as Gabor Essentials – a collection of moderately priced wigs with lightweight Comfort Cap construction.

American Hairlines launched a new women’s system ‘Integration Plus’ featuring a new patent-pending Open Fusion technology that allows for fully integrated hair systems that do not require shaving, clips or glue.

American Hairlines also introduced two new men’s systems: Durable Lace, a two-month wear, making it an ideal solution for many clients, and Trend Ready, which features a new Nano Knot technology that uses very small hand-tied knots.

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