How to Win a Client in 10 Days

It may sound like something straight out of a movie, but in reality, it can be quite easy to bring in new clients within days. Here are 10 ways in 10 days you can increase foot traffic in your salon for eyelash extensions and win over new clients.

  1. Have a service that sets you apart – NovaLash eyelash extensions are oil-proof and instantly waterproof due to NovaLash’s uniquely formulated Platinum Bond adhesive. Your clients can swim, shower, and sauna the same day as their lash appointment. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering lash services that will benefit your clients.

  2. Get out there! – Don’t wait in the breakroom for new clients. Build interest in your salon by partnering with local photography studios. Do the lashes and makeup for local photographers and models in exchange for professional photographs. Now, you have the professional pictures you need to promote your business. Offer your services at a discount or for free at local industry events. By getting involved in your community you are engaging in the best way possible ­– talking to people face to face.

  3. Host an in-store event – You threw a party when your salon first opened, right? Invite friends, family, and the community to your salon for in-store events throughout the year. If you have a friend or a client that is getting married, invite her to have part of her pre-wedding festivities at your salon. Have a selfie station ready and make sure your branding is clear in the background.

  4. Start an online portfolio – Maximize all the press you are generating by sharing it on social media. Start a professional social media page for your salon on Facebook or Instagram. Start a blog and use the attention you are getting from social media to send traffic to your blog for a more in-depth online experience into your business. Post pictures of your work – lots of them! Create an online following by blogging and using social media as your portfolio. This will attract new clients to you.

  5. Educate your clients – In person and online, empower your clients to continue to do the things they love. With NovaLash they can swim, shower, or sauna the same day as their lash appointment. Teach them about the NovaLash aftercare kit. Natural lashes crave moisture. NovaLash’s cleanLASH pads are saturated in pomegranate seed oil and can be used to remove makeup, clean, and condition the lashes. Your clients do not have to avoid water or their favorite oil-based skincare and makeup products with NovaLash extensions.

  6. Add value – You do not always have to lower your prices to gain repeat customers. Add value to your existing services.
  • Now that customers are waiting in your salon for their appointments, offer them a glass (not a bottle) of water or champagne. Raise the perception of your establishment with the little things you can do to make a client feel special.
  • When their NovaLash appointment is ending, mist their lashes with the airNova. The airNova adds a relaxing spa-like massage to the face at the end of service.
  • Offer to condition your client’s lashes with cleanLASH to give them a head start on their long-lasting oil-proof and waterproof extensions.
  1. Price accordingly – When you are first starting out, price yourself at or around market rate. As your skills increase and business grows, so will your value. Customers see the value in quality and long-lasting eyelash extensions and will pay accordingly for them.

  1. Start a referral program – When a client finds a lash artist they believe in; they are likely to recommend them. Encourage referrals by rewarding loyal customers. Offer NovaLash aftercare at a discount or a complimentary infill for the business your existing clients are bringing you. Everyone likes a reward.

  1. Reward your best clients – Incentivize your best clients with free products and gifts. You might have a client who is a socialite, has a job that connects them to many people in the community, or has a sizeable following online. They are a walking billboard for you! Don’t let them leave without a few gifts and a pack of your business cards to recommend your services. Ask them to have their photograph taken to post on your blog or social media. Treat them like a star and their friends and contacts will seek your services as well.

  2. Give the best service possible – NovaLash makes it easy. Your clients will have long-lasting results with their lashes and thank you for it. Incorporate everything you have learned here to make their experience at your salon luxurious. Your clients will talk about their lashes with their friends and word will spread quickly. With these few improvements, you will have a waiting list of customers in no time.

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