HOW-TO: Three Instagram-Worthy Styles Perfect for the Bride, Wedding Party or Guests

by Mary Kaleta | March 2, 2018

During wedding season, being able to provide your clients with the perfect hairstyle is worth more than gold. But the hectic schedules and high demand, let alone finding inspiration, can be terrifying. That's why MODERN visited Goldplaited in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood to show different styles that are perfect for the bride, her wedding party or even a guest. 

Three styles came to life throughout the morning: a braided pony, an almost-effortless updo and a half up half down look. The stylists at Goldplaited say they have noticed a shift in trends; before, brides traditionally asked for their hair to be down and their party's hair to be up, but now brides ask for their own hair to be styled in an updo and the party's hair to be down or half up.

Each of the three styles created for MODERN by Goldplaited can easily be worn by anyone attending a wedding. Full details on how to create these looks can be found in the video below.

Double Braided Pony: This look began by sectioning the hair from in front of the ears away into three pieces. After prepping the hair with waves, Keune Blend was used to loosen them further. The back section of the hair was then teased slightly for volume using a light hairspray to prevent too much stickiness and firmness. Two small clear elastics secured the low pony. The stylist then began to dutch braid the largest front section and stopped halfway down. By pancaking the braid, the look graduated from young to Pinterest-worthy. The stylist then layered it over the larger braid and secured the braids to the rest of the hair with bobby pins. After curling the ends around the pony to hide the elastics, the stylist then teased the pony to create a fuller and more formal final look.

Half Up Half Down: This look is the perfect choice for a client who wants something simple that still looks intricate and professionally done. It's also useful because it's incredibly quick. After curling the hair using the Bio Ionic GoldPro Curling Iron, the stylist grabbed a section of the hair at the front and begin to dutch braid. After the braid was finished, she secured it with an elastic and formed a small knot to hide the bobby pin. To take this look up to the next level, add flowers or jewels.

Updo: For this pretty style, the hair was prepped with Keune Blend Prep Spray and curled. The hair was then sectioned off at the top, leaving about a 2-inch perimeter between the top half and the bottom half. Two pieces were also pulled from the sideburns and temples. The top section was then placed into a high pony. Pro tip: Always consult your client on whether the height of the pony is too high for her preferences. The pony was then divided into three sections. Each section was curled around the elastic in different directions and pinned to form an intricate bun. The front sections were then teased with a light hairspray and pinned around the bun to add height. The stylist then focused on the hair below the bun and teased sections before twisting and pinning them underneath to give the bun extra fullness and volume. 

For more wedding-style inspiration, check out these 30 Bridal Hairstyles to Swoon Over or watch our other visit to Goldplaited:

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Stay golden, MODERN readers!

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