We've heard of the Mandala—a symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe--and we've heard of the Mandala Challenge (more on that in a sec), but we've never quite seen the Mandala Challenge done on a head of hair... until now, thanks to Rob Ferrel, best known as @robtheoriginal.

If you aren't following Ferrel, pause and follow follow follow, you won't regret it. When he posts his creative content on Instagram, we know it's going to be worth the watch, which is one of the many reasons why we named him a 2017 MODERN SALON 100 Game Changer. Learn more about Ferrel here.

Recently, we spotted this piece where Ferrel creates the Mandala in a hair cut, and 10/10 could easily watch all. day. long. The Mandala Challenge is a fun, artistic expression encouraging the exploration of all the different possibilities found within a circle, in an almost cathartic, rhythmic exercise.

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