HOW-TO: Lindsey Vonn's Oscar Hairstyle by Laura Polko with T3

Fresh off the slopes from the 2018 Winter Olympics, skier Lindsey Vonn traded her skis and cold-weather gear for a gown and a night with Hollywood's elite for the 90th Academy Awards. Vonn's hair was styled by Laura Polko with tools from T3.

Here's How to Recreate Vonn's Look:

  1. To achieve volume, work in volumizing spray and sectioned damp hair.
  2. Starting at the back, work your way up section by section and dry hair with the T3 Cura Luxe Dryer and the T3 Paddle Brush while directing hair toward the back.
  3. Once the hair is dried, give it some more height by scrunching it with your hands.
  4. Next, take the T3 SinglePass Compact and smooth all of the baby hairs around the hairline.
  5. Using the flat iron, twist and direct the hair back so it is more of a textured look.
  6. Part the hair diagonally in the back from the crown to the nape of the neck.
  7. Take the left section, and, starting at the bottom, began twisting the hair until is starts to coil up.
  8. Pin the coils to the head using bobby pins, directing some of the hair toward the right side of the head.
  9. Repeat this step on the right side, but instead, twist from the crown down and pin the coils to the head.
  10. Make sure the coils are evenly distributed so one side of the head isn’t weighted down.
  11. To add some more texture and movement to the look, mist the hair with dry texturizing spray and then use your fingers to lightly pull out pieces around the hair line and give it a little extra shape.
  12. To finalize the look, use the T3 SinglePass Wave styling wand on the wispy hairs in the front and finish with hairspray.

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