How-TO: Medium Length Transitional Men’s Cut from Eufora
Eufora Hero for Men

Spring ushers in new hairstyles and cutting techniques as men go from shorter hair to longer lengths. “This year will bring a lot more medium-to-long length where hairlines are neat and tapered, but not overly polished,” says Eufora HERO for Men team member Dana Caschetta @danacash_. “Natural texture and cuts that are designed to his natural texture and growth patterns is the newest style for guys.” Her "Royal Crown" offers cool, casual style with soft edges.

Longer lengths mean styling product is needed to shape hair. Cashetta offers her advice on products:

“When it comes to recommending styling products to male guests, consultation is key! I try to keep it simple. How I prescribe product is based on individual needs: how much time is he willing to spend styling? Is he willing to use heat? What is the outcome he’s looking to achieve? I ask simple black-and-white questions such as: Do you want a matte or shiny finish? Do you want a firm or natural hold? This helps me prescribe specific Eufora HERO for Men products that will deliver substance without all the hype.”

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