How to Amp Up Spa Bookings

It’s no secret; it takes work to fill your spa schedule. Just having the best massage or facial services in town, or offering incredible discounts for new clients is just not enough. In fact, it’s only the tip of the iceberg!

To efficiently fill your spa's schedule, you first need to have all of your ducks in a row. To make sure that your facility and staff are in top form and that your spa services and customer care standards are beyond reproach. Here are some suggestions to set you and your spa’s success on the right path.

Be Memorable: A spa is an oasis for people to relax and unwind from their busy lives. The moment a client walks in the door until they leave rejuvenated and refreshed, their visit should be a memorable one. The overall client experience should, therefore, be the top of your spa’s priority list.

 To start, the atmosphere of your spa ought to be one of tranquility. As a rule, there should be no ringing phones, loud chatter or the hustle and bustle of staff. It’s important to make sure as many of the daily functions of the business are handled quietly and behind the scenes. So, folding towels, hanging clean smocks, removing soiled anything, even emptying the trash or wiping down counters should not be done in view of the client.

Details Count: To make the client experience extraordinary, keep your facility in top shape. The reception and waiting area should be neat and free of clutter and everything from the changing rooms, restrooms and treatment rooms in pristine condition. Little things like keeping the supplies stocked in the bathroom and wiping down the sinks should be managed by all staff members. Each operator should ensure that their treatment room is tidied up between clients and that they are ready to dedicate their full attention to the next customer.

Also, have refreshments at the ready, at least coffee, tea, and water and simple finger food for nibbling, maybe even fresh fruit.  Pipe in soothing music, free of commercials, to set the tone of the customer’s visit and be aware of the volume, so it’s not too loud when the spa is less busy. If possible, offer a selection of music that is controlled independently in each treatment room.

Stay Current: Educate your staff on all of the latest spa techniques and services, and keep those on the front lines, a.k.a. reception, in the concierge frame of mind. Everything should be about the customer and their experience. Period!

Be Competitive: Obviously, your business needs to make a profit, but be careful not to under or overcharge for your services. Offering a one-time discount for new clients or allowing regulars to cash in rewards points is one thing, but you otherwise want your pricing to be on par with your competition, provided the level of services and environment are considered equal. Do your homework when establishing your pricing and stay current with the offerings and pricing of other spas in your area. Be especially aware of any advertising, special promotions, discounts or other programs that your competition is using.

Incentivize: Come up with realistic treatment packages and memberships, encourage value-added services, and provide rewards program for loyal customers. A robust referral program can also help fill any open spots in your schedule and bolster your client base.

Market Your Business: Naturally, you want your spa to be found, so be sure that you have a business listing on Google, at the very least. Check other listing opportunities in your area to ensure that your business is included. Your local chamber of commerce is an excellent place to start.

You also want to have a web presence, so create a website that includes your full menu of services, pricing, contact information, and a means in which to schedule appointments. It’s also encouraged to feature testimonials, reviews, a blog feed, and to consider linking your social media feed, so it keeps your website current as you and your staff post on social.

Make Booking Easy: When it comes to scheduling spa services, most people in today’s mobile-first society expect to be able to book online when it’s convenient for them. That’s why offering online scheduling with your spa management software is so important. It meets your customer’s expectations but also helps free up your receptionist. That way they can dedicate more time to being the spa concierge and pampering clients the way they deserve. You know, the reason customers come to your spa in the first place!

 About the Author: Jim Bower is the founder of Rosy Salon Software and SalonInteractive, software solutions for eCommerce and digital supply chain management. He is a former salon and spa owner with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

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