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In the early 2000’s soccer mega star David Beckham wore and popularized the fauxhawk. The look was the epitome of cool, however the triangular shape of the cut didn’t lend itself to much reinterpretation or versatility in styling. Jose Schnekenburger, founder of Lock & Loaded, added his  “jous” for a fauxhawk redux that is more versatile and allows the wearer to switch up the look while still maintaining its true identity. Here’s what he did:

  1. Clipper cut a medium skin fade on the sides and back for a modern feel and look.
  2. Cut the interior layers into a square shape.
  3. Texturize the interior. Focus 75% of the texturizing on the corners of the square-shaped interior and 25% texturizing throughout the middle. This allows the shape to collapse on the sides a tad and put the focal point indirectly on the center lengths.
  4. To keep the interior lengths and texture as the focal point, cut the fringe to half the length of all the hair behind it.
  5. Style with Lock & Loaded Grit Transforming Creme for reworkable texture and separation.

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