Wendy Bond used Lakme to create this fresh and exciting red finish.
Wendy Bond used Lakme to create this fresh and exciting red finish.

Wendy Bond, Lakme National Director of Education, had an opportunity to pump up the color on one of her favorite clients who is a natural level 5N and 50% gray. Using a combination of contouring, paneling and balayage, the master colorist and educator was able to refresh the base while pumping up the color throughout the lengths.

MODERN stopped by to catch her in action and caught it all on video. Check it out:

Step 1: Apply color to the new growthRoot formula color: Lakme Collage  40g 8/00 + (Intense Natural) 20g 7/43, (Copper Gold), 20g 8/44 (Copper Copper) mixed with 120g of 30 volume Hydrox Developer. 

Step 2: 10 minutes after new growth color has been applied, create your color contouring panels using a free-form painting technique (see video). Starting in lower back section of the head, choose where they want to add brightness or depth. I like to work with how the hairs falls naturally and focus on the midshaft and ends of the hair.


Lighter tone formula: Lakme k.blonde Bleaching Clay 30g mixed with 60g of30 volume Hydrox Developer.

Red tone formula: Lakme Gloss color 20g 8/49 (Copper Intense red), 10g 8/40 (Copper natural) mixed with Gloss 6 Volume, Developing Emulsion long lasting

Step 3: Allow to process 20 minutes after last color application for a total of 40 minutes on regrowth.

Step 4:  Rinse and Shampoo color using Lakme New Sulfate-free Color Stay Shampoo. Towel dry.

Step 5: On damp hair apply a gloss overlay ("To provides shine and  conditioning benefits.") Formula: Lakme Gloss color 25g 10/40, (Copper natural)5g 0/40 (Copper mix) mixed with 60g  Gloss 6 Volume blended with Developing Emulsion. Process for 15 minutes.


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