10 Tips For Achieving a Really Big Blowout

Everyone has that blowout client. The one who begs you for the biggest possible blowout with as much volume and staying power as you can deliver. When you’re finished blow-drying this client, you can skip “arms day” at the gym! CHI Artist Rocky Vitelli is a pro when it comes to voluminous blowouts—he knows how to satisfy these volume-loving clients. To reduce strain, Rocky’s go-to dryer is the new CHI Nano. This streamlined, lightweight little number packs all the power of heavier dryers, but it weighs in at less than a pound.

Here are 10 of Rocky’s top tips for giving every client the biggest, baddest blowout possible. (Check out his demo, too!)

  1. Remove as much moisture from hair as possible. It should be damp, not sopping wet.
  2. Divide the hair into four quadrants for control. Clip away the first three quadrants and begin at the bottom of one of the back quadrants.
  3. Work with a large round ceramic brush that will conduct heat and help set the hair.
  4. Subsection each quadrant in fine, narrow sections to ensure each section is dried completely.
  5. Use lots of tension on each section and pull the hair upward to create volume.
  6. Place the brush midway on the strand. Draw the brush and blow dryer nozzle down to the end, then wind the brush upward and downward until the section is completely dry.
  7. As you release the brush, spiral the hair to encourage curl movement on the ends.
  8. After finishing each section, lift it up, hit the cool shot button and direct the airflow at the root from underneath the section to promote lift and volume.
  9. Gently release each section after drying, touch it as little as possible and let it cool completely before manipulating the hair. Over-manipulation can cause hair to fall flat.
  10. When the hair is completely dry and cool, mist with CHI Shine Infusion and gently rake the product through the hair for a shiny finish. Arrange the hair with your fingers to preserve maximum volume and hit it with a light mist of CHI Enviro 54 Hairspray for touchable hold.

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