Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council: Larry Silvestri


As the 2018 America’s Beauty Show (ABS) by Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) approaches, Healthy Hairdresser looks back at some of the wise words of our Advisory Council member, CC President and Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas Senior Vice President and COO Larry Silvestri.

On the importance of community service for salon teams:
Having a clear understanding of what you stand for enables you to attract like-minded people to your salon culture. Fundraising brings a team together for a common cause. The more we learn about medical and social issues, the more we become professionally relevant to our guests and show them that we truly have the guest’s best interest in mind.

On making one quick change to improve your health:
Any type of core exercise will train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen in order to work in harmony, improving balance and stability when you are standing and servicing your guests. Eating lots of vegetables and protein will keep your energy up throughout the day.

On protecting your bones and joints:
Regular physical activity not only burns calories to help keep weight within a healthy range; it also builds muscle to help your bones and joints stay strong. Exercise that increases your heart rate will also help to reduce joint pain. Outside of the salon, try activities like hiking, biking, yoga or Pilates. Inside the salon, alternate standing with sitting, changing positions frequently and doing hamstring, calf and toe stretches. Stretching is important, because stiff tendons and ligaments will be pulled at the weakest point. It’s important throughout a salon pro’s career to wear comfortable shoes—there are a lot of stylish shoes out there that look great and are comfortable and supportive!

On finding the best career fit for you individually:
Study the environment for each opportunity. If you enjoy conversa-tion and interacting with lots of people in a day, being a hairdresser in the salon might be a perfect fit. If you like the adrenaline of being on stage, working as a platform artist might be for you. You might be a natural born leader, so being a salon owner fits. Theater work might excite you for the challenge of bringing a character to life. The important thing is to take time to understand yourself and what makes you happy—what makes you want to continue to learn.

On heart health:
Mario Tricoci offers an annual Healthy Steps program that offers prizes as team members track their activity. Our “Help Yourself to Better Health” wellness program lets team members earn up to $250 in their Health Savings Account by participating in either an annual wellness exam or a wellness coaching program. Another exciting new benefit we are offering this year is the Employee Assistance Program, which offers problem-solving support, work life services, educational offerings and other health and wellness benefits.

On books and other resources for salon pros:
For business owners, Good To Great by Jim Collins is a very powerful book on leadership, creating a culture and building good habits to get positive results. Have your leadership team read the book with you and discuss the chapters as you go along. Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) members have the benefit of receiving The BIZ, a weekly e-newsletter, where we can read important and relative articles from trade publications and news organizations to help you in body/spirit/business. Sign up for TheBIZ at

On getting in touch with spirituality and end-of-year gratitude:
December is a great time to focus on what’s really important. I always feel balanced and in harmony when I’m spending time with family. In terms of business, I get a lot of gratification in doing things for other people. During the holiday season, we know our guests have a lot of emotions and the holidays mean different things to different people. Some people have anxiety when seeing friends and family they have not seen in a long time. We have to help them look and feel their best. As service providers, we really have to be on top of our game. The way we make our guests look and feel can help determine their holiday satisfaction.

Thank you for your insight, Larry!

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