A model is wearing a wig from Revlon Wigs, available in on-trend finishes like this shadow root.
A model is wearing a wig from Revlon Wigs, available in on-trend finishes like this shadow root.

The following are actual questions or comments that clients have said to Jerry Holt, Senior Research and Development Manager at Aderans Hair Goods during his 30+ years of working with men and women in the hair-loss industry.

“Your clients are looking to you for personal advice and guidance about their hair and you should be armed with the latest information to open up the conversation with them," Holt says. "Each client stating the following general comments or questions are looking for your professional guidance and for you the trusted hairdresser to point them in the right direction for each situation.”


  • Oh, these lights in here make my hair look really thin.
  • I don’t go outside on really windy days because of my hair.
  • I would never roll down the windows in the car because it will blow my hair around.
  • I’m concerned that my hair has changed since I have been taking the blood pressure medications.
  • Back comb it a lot so it looks fuller.
  • Is the color product you’re using making my hair thinner? 
  • Lately I have noticed a lot more hair shedding in my brush and the shower drain.
  • Cut my hair so it is thicker looking.
  • My hair has changed so much since I had my last child.
  • Do you have a scalp cover up I can buy?
  • Please put a lot of hair spray on it to hold it down so it won’t move.
  • I stopped going to my other hairdresser because they kept cutting it to look thinner.
  • Can you change the color so my hair will look thicker?
  • I noticed in a family photo that my hair looked thinner than I thought it was.
  • I’m getting ready to start medical treatment soon what should I be prepared for in regards to my hair?


  • Are my temple hairlines moving back since you started cutting my hair?
  • They don’t look like they used to a few years back.
  • Oh, don’t show me the back of the haircut, I don’t want to be reminded of the bald spot.
  • Can you give me a haircut that will cover my bald spot?
  • I’m so young to start losing my hair.
  • I saw a photo of the back of my head and was shocked to see how much hair I have lost.
  • Don’t cut the top much because it will show my bald spot more.
  • Do you know anything about the spray or powder scalp cover ups?
  • My dad is bald, does that mean I will go bald too?
  • I would never stand under a bright light in certain clubs or restaurants.
  • All of my friends have thicker hair than I do.
  • Do you think I will go bald?
  • Can you give me the bald guy hair cut?
  • What do you know about hair replacement techniques?

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