Meet Jay Small, Salon Owner and Mitch Educator

A former carpenter, Jay Small, entered the hair industry with a drive to master technical and communication skills and the determination to deliver a positive experience to everyone he encounters. His namesake salon, J.Small is based in Venice, CA. Since joining the Mitch team, Small has become a dedicated artist and educator. He shares with MODERN: 

MODERN SALON: What do you love about being in the hair industry?
JAY SMALL: I love getting to listen to everyone’s thoughts and stories. I have learned so much from my clients over the years. I love making someone feel confident, I also love working with my hands.

MS: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
JS: I grew up in the construction industry and I was a carpenter before I was a hairdresser.

MS: How did you become an educator?
JS: My mentor Colin Caruso brought me along with him, after listening for a few years it was my turn to share with others.

MS: What is the most exciting part of being an educator?
JS: Watching people get excited to be better than they were yesterday.

MS: What is your advice to future hair professionals still in school?
JS: Once Hair school has ended keep learning, Hair school is where you learn about the trade. After you learn the trade you have to start leaning about business and marketing. Marketing brings the people in, your skill keeps them. After 15 years I am scared to start every day.

MS: What is the best advice you received in your career?
JS: Measure twice cut once, knowledge destroys fear, less words more meaning.

MS: How do you deal with an angry client?
JS: I don’t let them get angry. If you listen close enough you will hear everything they want and don’t. God gave us two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you speak.

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