How to Build Your Skincare Business

Jeane Richmond, National Education Manager, Satin Smooth, is always looking to help the skincare professional develop and build business. Here she shares three tips:


1. TEMPERATURE: Temperatures in your waxing area well as your client’s body temperature heat up. Adjust the temperature in the treatment area and give your client time to cool off before waxing

2. SANITATION: Best Practices for sanitation are always important. One of my favorite tips is layering my collars. This makes for a quick, clean removal of dirty collars especially when you are short on time.  Satin RemoveIt is really great for the bigger and more serious clean ups.

3. ADD ONS:  Build client loyalty and your popularity while filling your bank with add-on services - those little pampering steps that can make a big impression. Keep at station Hand and Foot Packs as well as Sheet Masks. Your clients shouldn’t be just sitting there reading a magazine when they can be enjoying one of these amazing treatments!

Check out this video where she demonstrates her tips - and more:

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