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Argenis Pinal, a graduate and now learning leader at Paul Mitchell The School Temecula, has won the Kim Kardashian-produced beauty show Glam Masters, making him the lucky makeup artist behind the next batch of KKW Beauty products.

KKW Beauty founder Kim Kardashian teamed up with Argenis to develop a range of cream eyeshadow sticks. The new KKWxARGENIS Crème Color Sticks made their retail debut April 21 at the Glam Masters booth at BeautyCon in New York City, and launched on kkwbeauty.com on April 23.

The long-lasting eyeshadow sticks can be used to sculpt, line and smoke out eye looks. The sticks are easy-to-apply and can be worn alone or layered with another eyeshadow to create a more intense look. 

Here are my Cream Eyeshadow Sticks Launch 4/21 at my @beautycon Booth and 4/23 on @kkwbeauty online. Wow never did I ever think I would be making my own product this soon and or with this Beauty ICON @kimkardashian @kkwbeauty and I could not be soooooo thrilled and excited about this ever 😭. Every color was hand picked on what i see trending and colors i love, I chose my colors and names for them. . . 1. Turquoise: GENIS: it’s a short name of my name and it’s what my Mom And Dad called me before he passed away and said to me all the time. 2. Gold: COMIC KING: this one is named after all you guys my Followers because every one has always said I’m the Comic King. 3. Copper: PESHOSA: it’s a cute baby word meaning Precious or Preciosa that I call my Mom on a daily 😍 4. Black: DRAMÁTICO: I was so dramatic and over reactive during the show and this goes for @glammasters 5. Burgundy: MUYOR: Means “Makeup Your Own Rules” And it’s a tattoo that i have in my forearm and it means a lot to me because as a Makeup Artist you do makeup your own rules and apply things in a way that makes sense to you or what works for you and that’s what makes you Unique Artsit 🙏🏼 . . #glammasters #glamargenis @lifetimetv #lifetime #univision #telemundo #alrojovivo #despiertaamerica #tvazteca @univision @telemundo @alrojovivo @mariacelestearraras #mariacelestearraras @azteca @despiertamerica @alantacher @unnuevodia #unnuevodia @johnnylozada @giselleblondet @karlamartineztv @rasheldiaz @adamarilopez @dsarcos @anamariacanseco #theellenshow @theellenshow @enews #enews @cosmopolitan #cosmopolitan #buzzfeed @buzzfeed

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Argenis had the honor of naming the shades, which include:

Genis: Matte Turquoise

Muyor: Matte Burgundy

Dramatico: Matte Black

Peshosa: Metallic Copper

Comic King: Metallic Light Gold

Omg 😭 guys I met @kimkardashian 🙏🏼 A dream come true !!!!!!! I always wanted to work with Kim I have loved her and admired her Beauty for so long on KUWTK and I would always tag her on my body paint hoping I would at least do that to her one day and Now thisssssss - Thisssssss Guys something sooooo much bigger than anything.... I collaborated with KIM on product like who gets that opportunity? It’s been so crazy I’ve been hiding this secret for so long and meeting her was the best thing in my life she’s soooooo beautiful with and without makeup and such a beautiful person in the inside. She’s a Bossssss she’s everything this collaboration has been the best thing that has happened for me and our thoughts in everything wile we put everything together was so NSYNC 🙏🏼 . These eyeshadow sticks are so perfect and Can allow you so much freedom in creativity with them I will be doing tutorials after NY so show you guys how to use them. They are the base to your ultimate smoky eyeshadow. They are creamy and dry Matte, very blend able with No fallout. Stay tune for my YouTube 😍 @kkwbeauty @glammasters . . #glammasters #glamargenis @lifetimetv #lifetime #univision #telemundo #alrojovivo #despiertaamerica #tvazteca @univision @telemundo @alrojovivo @mariacelestearraras #mariacelestearraras @azteca @despiertamerica @alantacher @unnuevodia #unnuevodia @johnnylozada @giselleblondet @karlamartineztv @rasheldiaz @adamarilopez @dsarcos @anamariacanseco #theellenshow @theellenshow

Argenis was born with a passion for art, drawing, and painting that continued throughout his teenage years. After graduating from Paul Mitchell The School Temecula, he pursued a career as a makeup artist, continually taking on new challenges to help him grow and become well rounded. Argenis is a Makeup Specialist for Paul Mitchell The School Temecula and a freelance artist for major companies, including MAC Cosmetics. Argenis created an entire commercial for Sprint, showcasing his talent in face painting.

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