The finished look via @blohaute's Instagram.
The finished look via @blohaute's Instagram.

Using a foundation of extensions, Blohaute aka Amanda Diedrich demonstrates a quick updo with a boho twist during a class at Chicago's Goldplaited Finishing Studio. 

STEP 1: Prep hair with Puff.Me light and Hold.Me hairspray by Design.Me and Kenra Dry Volume Burst
STEP 2: Create a half up style using Metagrip bobbypins. Divide bottom section into four sections. Fishtail braid back two sections. 
STEP 3: Fan out braids for an undone look. Spray texture hair on fine hair before this step for added grip. Pin at the base of braid.
STEP 4: Twist front sections back and pin to the back, crossing over the initial half up style. 
STEP 5: Twist two fishtail braids together. Stretch out. Manipulate and see where it wants to lay and pin. Stretch out more and hook with hair pins. Finish with hairspray.