Magic Tides

by Rosanne Ullman | April 26, 2018
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It’s as easy as waving your wand! Try out this look on your fun-loving clients. It was designed by John Paul Mitchell Systems Artistic Director of Color Colin Caruso.

Blonde: the color XG 1oz 9A + pea size 1AA + 1.5oz 10vol Paul Mitchell Cream Developer
Yellow: the color X ½oz Clear Booster + ½oz Gold Intensifier + 1.5oz 10vol Paul Mitchell Cream Developer
Pink/Violet: the color XG 1oz 9PN + 1/4oz 7RV + 1.5oz 10vol Paul Mitchell Cream Developer
Green: the color XG 1oz Clear Booster + 1oz Gold Intensifier + pea size Blue Intensifier + 1.5oz 10vol Paul Mitchell Cream Developer
Blue: POP XG equal parts Tropical Blue + Diluter

  1. Apply the color, and develop.
  2. Rinse, condition and blow-dry.
  3. Use the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Limited Edition Magic Tides Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 to create natural-looking curls.
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