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Hairdresser Nail Hacks

by Jamie Newman | May 10, 2018
All hands in backstage at ColorFest. Jamie Newman
All hands in backstage at ColorFest.Jamie Newman

Beyond being all-star colorists and social-media mavens, Nora Dababneh and Olivia Smalley have something else in common: they're always rocking incredible manicures. We noticed their nails backstage at ColorFest during America's Beauty Show and just had to find out how they keep their fingers so flawless, despite working in the salon with hair color. 

Here, Dababneh and Smalley tell you their secrets how they keep their manicures looking magnificent using items you likely have at the salon. (Note: These products aren't marketed to do these tasks.)

Want to keep the underside of your nails looking clean and white? Try bleach.

"I hate to use gloves, so I get a lot of darker colors underneath my nails," Smalley says. "At the end of the day, I'll use hair bleach and I'll actually put it right underneath my nails. Then I'll just wipe my skin off I'll leave that there for maybe a minute or two and it helps get rid of all the grit all the dirt and all the hairspray off my nails."

Trying to spice up white nail polish? Add some hair color. 

"When I get a little bit bored with my nails because they're white, I'll actually take the Joico Intensity colors and I'll put them right over my nails," Smalley says. 

Got color on your manicure? Use some Kolor Killer. 

"If you do get color on your on your nails, using the Framar Kolor Killer Wipes gets it right off," Dababneh says. 

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