Here's Everything You Need to Know About the CHI LAVA Pro Spin N Curl

There’s a new tool in town and it’s creating buzz for its ability to cut curling time and create gorgeous curls and waves. It’s the CHI LAVA Pro Spin N Curl and it’s already working hard at the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants, not to mention in salons around the world! Farouk Artist Rocky Vitelli is one of the Spin N Curl’s biggest fans. Here are his insights and best practices for making the most of this unique styling aid!

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  1. Don’t Worry, Your Hair Won’t Get Tangled. No Matter What. People ask this all the time when they see Rocky feeding hair into the iron’s opening.  If you feed in too much hair, the iron automatically shuts off, so tangling is impossible. “We’ve tested it by stuffing tons of hair into the opening,” Rocky says. “But it never gets tangled because the tool recognizes if there’s too much hair and automatically shuts down.” When that happens, simply remove the hair, re-start the curler and carry on.
  2. The Heat’s on the Inside So You Can’t Burn Yourself. No Matter What. “The Spin N Curl features a state-of-the-art, ceramic and lava heating element and it’s completely inside the tool,” says Rocky. “So you feed in the hair, it spins around the internal barrel, heats up and curls. Because the heat is inside, you never get burned and you never burn your client. At shows, I press the iron against my face to demonstrate that the outside stays cool.”
  3. Speaking of Lava—It’s the Newest Heating Technology. “Lava retains moisture and heat,” Rocky explains. “Think of cooking a steak on lava rocks. You can cook it until it’s well done, but the meat will stay moist and soft inside. Lava also repels humidity and keeps the hair shiny. And you can do all of that with lower heat settings, so the hair stays healthy. You won’t believe the shine and precision you get with lava!”
  4. You Can Do Everything You Do with a Curling Iron, Only Faster. Small defined curls, big loopy curls, glamorous waves, beachy tendrils. Anything you can create with a curling iron can be done with the Pro Spin N Curl. And it can be done so much faster! “I’ve curled a client with fine hair in two vertical sections,” says Rocky. “I’ve done whole heads of thick hair in 10 minutes. You can work in horizontal sections, vertical sections. You can create any wave pattern you want. And it’s easier on your shoulders and wrist.”
  5. Rocky’s Secret? Keep Your Finger on the Button! “Master this and you’ll master the tool,” Rocky declares. What does that mean? After setting the timer (15 seconds for fine hair, 17 for medium and 19 for thick hair) and inserting the hair into the opening, push the button, directing the hair backward, forward, left or right. “Don’t release the button until the barrel stops spinning,” Rocky says. “Once the time is up, the iron will beep and the hair will slide right out. That beep gives you consistent heat-up on every section.”

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