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Get this "Salty Blonde" look by Jessica Todd @freshicatodd. This balayage technique is best for medium to longer hair and longer layers. 

Formula 1: Blond Studio Multi-Techniques Powder + 40-vol. Majicrème Developer + Smartbond Step 1

Formula 2: Blond Studio Multi-Techniques Powder + 30-vol. Majicrème Developer + Smartbond Step 1

Formula 3: ½ DIA Light Clear + ½ DIA Light 10.13 + 6-vol. DIActivateur Developer + Smartbond Step 1


“The most important thing with sectioning and Balayage is painting and sectioning the hair where it lives.”

  • Create the profile parting. Let the part fall naturally.
  • Create a radial parting to separate the front from the back.


“Paint depending on the density of the hair – you may want to do two double points instead!”

  • Start in the front of the head on the shallow side of the part.
  • Working in diagonal back sections 1-inch deep.
  • Paint with Formula 1, working from the hairline to the radial parting, alternate triple and double point Balayage pieces.

PRO TIP: Remember blonde next to blonde next to blonde only looks so blonde. Negative space, or depth, creates the pop and contrast to make your pieces look bright!

  • Repeat paint pattern up to the part. Leave the last section out.
  • Replicate the same application on the opposite side of the parting.
  • Alternate double and single point Balayage pieces along the parting.
  • Repeat technique on the opposite side. Offset the paint pieces.

PRO TIP: Use perforated plastic over each completed subsection and 100% cotton underneath each Balayage piece. 

  • In the back of the head, create a "V" shaped section at the nape of the neck.
  • Hold a quarter inch sub-section at 45 degrees out from the head and paint a triple point piece with Formula 2.
  • Repeat technique up the head, following the same application gesture and sectioning pattern.
  • Paint double point Balayage pieces to the crown and single points to the radial.
  • Feather up the new growth for a lived-in result.
  • Process for 30 minutes or until desired level of lightness.
  • Rinse.

Gloss Formula:

  • Gloss with Formula 3.
  • Start in the back and work to the front.
  • Process 2-20 minutes, to desired level of tone. Rinse.


  • Apply Smartbond Step 2 for 10 minutes. Rinse.
  • Shampoo with LUO Post-Color Shampoo. Rinse.
  • Treat with Serie Expert Powermix Color. Process for 10 minutes. Rinse.

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