4 Key Points You Need to Remember After Your NovaLash Training!

Your Adhesive Reacts to Moisture

NovaLash stylists learn the proper working conditions of NovaLash’s incredible adhesive. Stylists work at their full potential when they understand how to use Platinum Bond series adhesives in their salon atmosphere. Using the Aura by NovaLash, stylists can monitor the moisture and humidity levels in their service room and make adjustments by misting moisture in the air with the NovaLash miniMr or airNova by NovaLash or dehumidifying the room. Platinum Bond series adhesives cure faster with moisture. So, elevate the humidity for a faster curing process or lower it to slow it down. This is a key point every NovaLash stylist should remember after their training.


NovaLash stylists are trained to perform rounds of separation every 25 minutes during the application process. Separation is a key player in damage-free long-term results. Stylists can apply multiple lengths of extensions according to the natural growth cycle, but if frequent separation is not performed, damage may occur. So, keep separating!

Know What is Available to You

NovaLash has a full line of professional and retail products. NovaLash has developed a range of professional products to support stylists in applying long-wearing lash extensions. In every training class, students are introduced to NovaLash’s vast range of professional products from Gel Patches, the airNova, travel friendly miniMr, the Aura - temperature and humidity indicator, and many more. NovaLash students learn about the many tools NovaLash has to offer - Not just adhesive. In addition, NovaLash offers a range of retail products stylists and salons can sell in-store to their clientele.

Consult Every Client

When new to eyelash extensions, stylists must remember to consult with every client before applying lash extensions. Communication is key. Having a full and complete consultation with clients and educating clients on why they use NovaLash or how to properly care for their extensions at home will reduce the risk of adverse reactions and give both the client and stylist a better experience and result.

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