7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Anybody who works with extensions knows—all hair is not created equal. The color, the handle-ability, the durability—it all makes a huge difference in the quality of your extension work and the satisfaction of your clients. Here’s a closer look at seven reasons why Great Lengths stands apart.

They Only Source Indian Remy Temple Hair. In the world of extensions, 80 percent of imported hair comes from China. But Great Lengths hair comes from India. Why does this matter? Because Indian hair is the closest in similarity to North American and European hair. In fact it’s probably much better--it’s glossy, strong and usually untouched by chemicals. Indians routinely donate hundreds of tons of their ultra-long hair each year to offer thanks to their god. They do so at temples around the country—a ritual that has taken place in India for hundreds of thousands of years. Great Lengths representatives purchase this strong, virgin hair, relying on their training and discerning eyes to obtain the very best quality.

All GL Hair is Ethically Sourced. Many of the temples gather the donated hair and put it up for auction in individual lots, which Great Lengths agents bid on. The proceeds from these auctions fund the temples’ good work—providing food for the congregants, aiding the sick, and supporting orphanages and schools. What’s more, the initial sorting and preparation is done by hand in India, providing employment for hundreds of skilled, valued local workers.

The Processing is Very Scientific and Fussy. This hair travels—it goes from India to the Great Lengths processing facility in Italy. There, individual strands are tested for elasticity, and to ensure the cuticle layer is intact. The experts there also test each bundle of hair to determine if it has been chemically processed. If it has? It can’t be used for Great Lengths extensions! Finally, the hair is sewn onto strips of muslin to keep it aligned during the next step.

The Famous Great Lengths Decolorizing Method is Patented. Great Lengths has figured out a way to remove the natural pigment from hair without the use of damaging bleach or ammonia derivatives. This means the hair stays strong and healthy and ultra-receptive to one of GL’s 60+ haircolors.

The Color Is Hand Crafted for Ultimate Believability. Only textile dyes developed exclusively for Great Lengths are used to create the shades, and they’re the secret to the color-fast quality of the extensions. Master colorists create the base colors in small batches by hand, then the final hues are hand-blended for the most natural-looking results possible. It’s a craft approach to coloring extensions.

Consistency is Critical. After the coloring process, the hair is sorted and re-aligned so each bundle is the same length, roots to ends. That means no surprises and no inconsistencies when you order a specific length.

The “Great” in Great Lengths Is the Same in Every Product. Whether it’s the original premium Great Lengths extensions, or the brand-new Luxury Tape-In System, the process, and the quality, are the same. That means you can now offer tape-ins that really perform—they look and feel luxurious, hold up beautifully for six to eight weeks and feature small attachment sites for flawlessly smooth applications. As the Great Lengths folks like to say, “Our extensions aren’t the cheapest, but they’re the best!”


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