Tyffani Allen on set during a recent Sport Clips collection shoot
Tyffani Allen on set during a recent Sport Clips collection shootAnne Moratto

The Sport Clips Artistic Team members are a diverse group of women stylists who specialize in men’s grooming and who share their passion for the craft as Area Coaches, visiting locations around the country, to pass on their knowledge and their enthusiasm for the Sport Clips organization and what it has done to give them a life and career they love. They are on-set at photo shoots, traveling to industry events to represent, and building their skills—haircutting, styling, business, presentation, and even social media—because they have become stars on the Sport Clips team of stylists. 

Here we profile Tyffani Allen (@T_fadez7), of St. Louis, MO, an Area Coach for Eastern Missouri, Illinois and Michigan.

  Tell us something about yourself: I am a mother to 3, soon to be 4, amazing boys. My family is my everything.

Why working for Sport Clips is a win for you: I was a single mom when I first started with Sport Clips right out of cosmetology school. Working for the company I was able to provide my children with a home of our own and a new vehicle. They provided education and training that taught me how to cut men’s hair. The amount of support I have received from my work family is like nothing I’ve experienced with any other company I’ve been with.

 Why did you decide to focus on men’s hair? In school I actually excelled in color. I knew that I didn’t want to spend hours on one client at a time though. Men are much different than women. Women have their makeup, hair, clothing and accessories to show who they are and to express their personalities. Men have their hair and sometimes their clothes. I wanted to help men express themselves through their cuts and styles while educating them on the trends and making them feel okay with wanting to be “the guy that styles their hair.” Making men look and feel great is a wonderful feeling. 

What is special about a male client? Male clients are very loyal. They trust what you have to say and listen to mostly everything you recommend they do.

 What styles are big in your area? Beards have taken over! Most men in the area go for the beards and faded haircuts. 

 Shout-out to any early or current mentors in the industry: Shout out to Julie Vargas and Julian Perlingiero, so blessed to be able to work with them both. Also, Chris Bossio, watching his tutorial videos on YouTube taught me so much about cutting men’s hair. A few others- Jacob Rodriguez, Rick Morin, Meg the Barber, and, honestly there are so many more I could name. 

What would you stay to a cosmetologist who wants to improve their guy-cutting skills? Educate yourself, reach out to other barbers/cosmetologists in the industry, ask questions, never close off to learning something new. Believe in yourself and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

 All-time favorite professional products and tools: I love me some Gibs! All of their products are great. Sexy Hair also has some amazing products for men’s hair! Tools, I have to go with the Wahl Cordless Seniors and the Big Mag. The Wahl Shaver Shaper is great also! I can’t live without any of those!


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