Lash by Lash Studio in Oklahoma City, OK
Lash by Lash Studio in Oklahoma City, OK

Raylene Cravens, NovaLash lash artist and owner of Lash by Lash Studio in Oklahoma City, OK, dives into what it's like working as a lash artist at a salon solely dedicated to applying eyelash extensions. Learn why she chose NovaLash as her go-to brand and what her recommendations are for becoming a successful lash artist. 

What is the best part of being a lash artist?
“The best part of being a lash artist is when I’m handing my client the mirror and seeing that first reaction on her face. To see that instant transformation of how beautiful and empowered she feels.”

What was the trickiest thing you had to find a solution for and overcome as a lash artist? 
“I had the honor once of doing a client’s lashes who had been in an auto accident and was left scarred on her left eye lid which was in her lash line causing her lashes not to grow as well as once before. I would say this was one of my trickiest set of lashes, but I loved the challenge. I used the American Volume technique to help her cover the gaps in her natural lashes. Afterwards, she felt great!”

How long have you worked with NovaLash?
“I have always used NovaLash and have been with them for eight years. I’ve never felt like there was a better product out there. Over the years they have kept proving to me that there really isn’t a better lash company." 

What made you stick with NovaLash?
“I came from the dental field so with NovaLash having the science behind it, it made complete sense to me why they are the best. Another reason why I stay with NovaLash is due to my client retention with our amazing NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesive. Recently, I was able to build my very own studio, Lash By Lash. NovaLash has been a beautiful partnership on every level; from the award-winning adhesive technique, training and support. You can’t find another lash company like NovaLash!” 

What advice would you give to new lash artists? “Try NovaLash, and practice, practice, practice! It’s NovaLash or nothing for me.”

Keep your clients coming back for more. Train with NovaLash and get certified! 

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