How much do you know about the eyelash growth cycle?

Like all hair on the body, there is a specific growth cycle it follows before it falls out - lashes are no exception. The stages are staggered to prevent baldness. Here are the three phases. 

Eyelash Growth Cycle

In the anagen phase the hair is rooted to the follicle and is receiving nutrients from the blood to promote growth.

In the catagen phase the hair is no longer growing or receiving nutrients and the follicle begins to collapse.

Approximately, the last 30-90 days of the cycle, the hair is in the telogen or resting stage. The hair is detached and ready to be shed. On average you will lose up to 3-5 lashes per day. A NovaLash artist is trained not to stress the natural lash with an extension that is too long. NovaLash lash extensions come in varying lengths from 6mm up to 14mm.

"Client eyelash extension selection is a crucial part of ensuring damage-free, long-term results and also client satisfaction," says Zachary Falb, NovaLash Global Master Trainer. 

One size does not fit all in terms of eyelash extensions. A lash artist's job is knowing how to correctly select extensions that will accommodate the client's natural lashes, curl, length, and thickness. During the client consultation a lash artist will understand the client's desired outcome. Clients wishing for a curlier, more dramatic set of extensions would benefit from the C curl, D curl or even L curl from NovaLash. If a client describes a look more natural, the stylist could choose a natural-looking N curl or B curl. While curls are important for achieving an eye-opening effect and drama, the diameter of the extensions needs to be carefully selected to ensure no extra weight or stress is applied to the natural lashes or follicles.

A classic error is using a thick diameter (which can be too heavy) to create a fuller, denser look. But the real secret is using lots of 8 and 10-millimeter extensions to add thickness, support, structure and darkness to the lash line regardless of how thick the diameter of the extension is. Understanding the correct process of extension selection for all your clients is a skill all stylists should develop. Once you master the method of lash extension selection to deliver the desired outcome while respecting the natural lashes, clients will see your talent shine and their satisfaction with your service will blossom.

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