It's easy to quickly swoon over the clean, all-white background aesthetic Megan Moran has created on her Instagram page. But the more you scroll, you'll quickly also fall in love with her perfectly balanced balayage variety, from the brightest of blondes to the darkest of brunettes. Nearly every color and style she creates has us hashtagging #hairgoals, and we love to see the positive messages and vibes she displays on social media. 

Megan Moran


Salt Hair, Cheshire, Connecticut

Specialty: Blondes and balayage

Followers: 14.6k

Most viral post: I had a color correction come in with harsh foil lines and a level 7 ends. I melted her and brightened her up and captured the hair so pretty by flipping it to show all the dimension I created.

Favorite apps: I love using FaceTune to brighten up my background. We use a white wall with a huge window in front for natural lighting, but when the sun doesn’t come thought be window our wall in a photo looks darker, so enhancing that makes the hair pop more! I love IMovie too for creating tutorials or before and after videos!

Favorite hashtags: I love #blendedhair #hairpainting #blondebalayage #hairgoals and of course #modernsalon !

I follow: @meltedbymish @prettylittleombre @coloredbykp @painthatmane of course! But I am crushing on all things blonde so I love @saramay_level10 and @justinandersoncolor

Pro tips: I like to post clean detailed pictures! I use my iPhone 7 Plus and I make sure the lighting is good! I take at least 25 pictures of each client so I make sure I get that perfect shot. There’s so many angles of the hair, make sure to snap a few and make your guest feel amazing! Never stick to one pose. Look at other artists to get inspired, it helps so much so you can show a variety of hair on your page.

Hidden talent (beauty-related): I can do a whole head of balayage in 10-15 minutes. I’m a speedy painter!

Hidden talent: I could put an outfit together out of anything in front of me. I love fashion!

How social media changed my life: I didn’t know how much networking and showcasing I could do on a social media platform. I’ve met so many amazing people and connected with beautiful souls. I love looking at all the talent in this industry, it is crazy how much it has grown and how everyone is so encouraging. I love watching people grow and strive to reach the goals they’ve always dreamed of!

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: I remember seeing that “@modernsalon tagged you in a post” and instantly my heart fell to the floor and was so excited! I looked at it for weeks just to see all the feedback it got on it and how many people I got to come check my page out from it! It was an up-close picture of teasy lights I did and I was so proud of snapping that picture.

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