Oh, Hey Miss Universe! We Love Your Curls!

by MODERN Staff | August 13, 2018

Sometimes a client’s in the mood for lazy, barely-there beach waves. Other times she’s craving glamorous Hollywood waves. Sometimes she wants a head-full of bouncy springy curls! And when the client craving those curls is the reigning Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, you’d better deliver!

These bodacious coils—a style that has been dubbed “Havana Curls”--were created by CHI Elite Artist, Melissa Reyes (IG: @melissa_reyes02) using the brand-new CHI LAVA Tapered Wand. To get the look, Melissa reveals she used the wand on ½-inch strands, beginning at the nape and working up towards the fringe parting. Once the curls were set, she used her fingers to twist and define the curls, then she finished with a light mist of CHI Iron Guard 44 Style & Stay Protecting Spray to add radiance and shine. “Use the tip of a tail comb to separate the curls,” suggests Reyes, “and backcomb gently if the hair needs more volume.”

See Melissa Reyes and her new CHI LAVA Tapered Wand in action on Miss Universe 2018.


Get Melissa Reyes’ best tips for using your tapered curling wand correctly. 

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