Get the Look: Platinum Blonde Highlights Using Fluid Hair Painting

Fall is quickly approaching. The days of clients requesting  sunny summer blonde hues might seem to be fading away as brunettes begin to trend again. But Artist Connective member McKenna Anzaldua (@mckenna_mckenna) decided that the colder months don't have to mean an absence of blonding. 

"We decided to brighten things up for my client," Anzaldua says. "As you can see, she had some previous hair painting, but it had grown out for the past six months. We loved the blonde that was already present in her hair, so I decided to use it to create more dimension in her look."

Anzaldua often uses the fluid hair painting technique on her clients' hair. Fluid hair painting was pioneered by KL Christoffsen (@mermicornhair), and Anzaldua taught herself the technique.

"I love to fluid hair paint, so we went straight to the table"  Anzaldua says. "Her hair was the perfect canvas for the technique because it has only been previously lightened; no permanent color had been applied. So the lift is predictable and easy. I think many of us stylists tend to overdue the lightening process. Make sure to look at what they have already and see how you can utilize those colors in your final look."

In each of Anzaldua's fluid-hair-painted sections, she had 10 anchor points for the hair to rest. Half of these points she did not paint at all; instead, she chose to use those as areas for darker blonde dimension. 

The entire painting took Anzaldua 25 minutes. The hair then processed until it reached a bright level 10. 

Painting Formula: 
Pulp Riot BlondeAF Bleach 25 vol with a hint of Balay Powder to thicken 

Colortrak feather bristle brushes to paint 

Toned at the bowl with:
Davines 3/4 10.0 1/4 9.11 5 vol 

Let process for 10 minutes and rinse. 

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