"After" the Malibu Makeover by Digital Education Manager/Lead Artistic team member, Anthony...
"After" the Malibu Makeover by Digital Education Manager/Lead Artistic team member, Anthony Barnhill.Anthony Barnhill

The low-maintenance days of summer, filled with fun in the sun, sea, and pool, may create the need for a salon intervention come September. Oxidation from the water and sun can destroy hair color and a build-up of minerals in the hair may result in a dry, unmanageable mess. This seasonal situation can also create opportunity for a salon promotion at summer’s end. 

Missy Peterson, global education and artistic director for Malibu C, rescues her client’s hair using the Malibu Makeover, a two part, in-salon treatment that helps restore hair integrity and preps it for a color service; Crystal Gel removes the mineral and buildup from the hair and the Miracle Repair replenishes the protein the hair needs.

“When I first discovered the Malibu Makeover, I did the treatment on a client and took before and after pictures, then hung them on my mirror at my station, with no explanation,” Peterson says. “Clients sit down, see those images, and always want to know, ‘Missy, what did you do?’ This opens the door for me to talk to them and educate them on the process. Today, it’s a standard part of my color services because I wouldn’t do a chemical on you unless you were prepped. Every four months, my clients get a Malibu Makeover.” 

The oils and silicones in products used to smooth the cuticle and mask the damage are also removed with the Malibu Makeover.

“These layers of oil or heavy styling products can bond with the minerals in the hair and get in the way of your color molecules getting to where they need to go. You lose vibrancy, gray coverage, and it can lead to more re-dos. I explain it by saying it’s like painting your kitchen; if you see a little bacon grease on the wall, you’re going to clean that off, first, so your paint applies evenly and stays there.”

Peterson also sends clients home with Malibu Wellness Color Prepare, a product that draws-out the color-blocking minerals and extends color vibrancy. Swimmer’s Remedy is another take-home product that can lift out green discoloration by removing copper buildup and make swimmer’s hair look and feel fit again.

“We say the difference between these maintenance products and the Malibu Makeover is that the makeover is like going to the dentist to get a deep clean, and the remedy packets are like brushing your teeth at home. Still essential, but not as effective as the professional service the dentist provides.”

Free of sulfates, harsh chelators (found in many clarifying shampoos), parabens, propylene glycol, and salts, the Malibu Makeover is 100% vegan and appropriate for clients of all ages.


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