Hair: CHI Color Director Richard Jordan, Photographer: Richard Monsieurs, Makeup: Laura Yard,...

Hair: CHI Color Director Richard Jordan, Photographer: Richard Monsieurs, Makeup: Laura Yard, Wardrobe Styling: Esther Hopstaken

Formulas: Prelighten: CHI Infra High Lift BB + CHI Color Generator 20-volume. Base: CHI Chromashine Orange You Obsessed. Midlengths and ends: CHI Chromashine Mellow My Yellow.

CHI Color Director Richard Jordan is soft-spoken in person, but when it comes to his bold, bright hair color designs he’s as flamboyant as they come. Recently he’s been mixing up masterful and exciting color designs with his new favorite—CHI Chromashine intense, bold, semi-permanent hair color. Since he’s in such an intensely colorful mood these days, we figured we’d pick his brain about working with vibrant direct dyes and the new CHI Chromashine range.

CHI Color Director Richard Jordan

CHI Color Director Richard Jordan

Q: Are Chromashine and other vibrant semi-permanents only for unconventional color? If not, how are you incorporating them into your color services for more conventional clients?

RJ: Some of my favorite ways to use Chromashine in conventional hair color designs is to neutralize unwanted color tones and to refresh softer copper and red tones.

Q: Do you have any tips for blending and melting different shades on one head?

RJ: Always use the brush you’re using to apply the darkest color to connect all the different colors. Also, I always work in diagonal V-shapes to create a nice, blended effect.

Q: Any tips for pre-lightening the hair before applying Chromashine?

RJ: I always tell my students, when it comes to pre-lightening, “the lighter, the brighter.” So the more you lift the hair, the brighter the overlay color will be.

Q: Which Chromashine shades are you loving for fall and why?

RJ: In our new Stardust collection, we have a nice combination of brown based colors, in combination with green, violet and orange. I strongly believe this is going be the trend for fall and winter. It’s a reaction to all the pastel colors we have been seeing for the last couple of seasons.

Q: What are the best things about working with Chromashine?

RJ: The endless mixing you can do and colors you can create. You can create literally any color you want. You also have the ability to create different color levels.

Q: What’s one of your favorite hacks for creating color designs with Chromashine?

RJ: I often mix them with CHI Ionic Shine Shade demi-permanent colors and experiment by applying the mixtures to white paper to come up with interesting color combinations.

Q: Have you mixed up any exciting new shades lately?

RJ: Lately I’ve been mixing existing Chromashine colors with a little bit of the new Onyx shade to make beautiful, petrol-look colors.

See how Richard creates "Sunrise”—a vibrant, fiery hue."


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