HOW-TO: Bold Brunette With Airy Movement

by MODERN Staff | September 25, 2018
 Richard Monsieurs
Richard Monsieurs

This look from L’anza Healing Haircare creates bold placements from within, showcasing unexpected brightness with airy movement.


Natural level 6

Formula 1: 30 g Healing Color Powder Decolorizer with 60 g 10-volume developer + 5 g Trauma Treatment

Formula 2: 30 g Decolorizer with 60 g 30-volume developer + 5 g Trauma Treatment

Formula 3: 30 g Healing Color Clay Decolorizer with 60 g 30-volume developer

b20 g 4CG with 40 g demi developer

Formula 5: 25 g 100B + 5 g 7NV with 60 g demi developer + 30 g Translucent Catalyst

  1. Divide hair from the parietal ridge down and from the base of the crown to the nape.
  2. Starting at the hairline, take a diagonal-back slice if hair is fine or a woven section if hair is denser. Apply Formula 1 at the top of the foil, then blend in Formula 2 through the ends.
  3. Continue around the head, maintaining diagonal foil placement within triangular forms and leave centers out.
  4. Once foils are complete, use Formula 3 to balayage all interior triangles that were left out.
  5. While foils are processing, apply Formula 4 to remaining hair left out of the foils in the top section. Process until desired lift is achieved. Then cleanse and condition.
  6. Now apply Formula 5 to the highlighted areas. Process for 20 minutes, then cleanse and condition.


Hair: L’anza Global Creative Team

Color: Leah Freeman

Photographer: Richard Monsieurs

Makeup: Angelia Senevesai

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