HOW-TO: 3D Copper & Gold Hair Color

This v-harmony look from captures the fluidity of harmonious copper and gold tones, which creates a three-dimensional effect.


Natural level 8

Formula 1: 40 g Milk _Shake Smoothies semi-permanent color 9.33 + 10 g orange with 75 g Milk_Shake intensive activating emulsion 18-volume (5.4%)

Formula 2: 50 g Milk_Shake Illuminate conditioning lightening oil + 5 g Milk_Shake Decologic total roots lightener + 18 g Milk_Shake Illuminate pure pigment gold with 73 g Milk_Shake oxidizing emulsion 30-volume (9%) + 7 g Milk_Shake color specifics ‘color split’ 7 g

Formula 3: 30 g Milk_Shake smoothies semi-permanent color orange + 45 g Milk_Shake activating emulsion 8-volume (2.4%)

Apply Formula 1 to all the hair from base to ends. Process 20 minutes, rinse.

  1. Begin at the nape, and apply Formula 2 to the external perimeter of a horizontal section, using vertical brush strokes. Then apply Formula 3 to the inner/central area of the same section.
  2. Continue working up the back and from side to side, applying Formulas 2 and 3 to sections in the same manner.
  3. When the back is complete, move to the sides. Take diagonal-back sections, and apply Formula 2 to the external perimeter only. Continue using vertical brush strokes. Work side to side until both sides are completed.
  4. Then separate the fringe with two horizontal subsections. Apply Formula 2 to the first section from mid-lengths to ends, using a freehand application. Then apply Formula 1 to the second subsection in a similar manner. Process for 30 minutes and rinse.


Hair: Maurizio Velotti
Photographer: Kamil Strudzinski
Makeup: Mary Cesardi

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