HOW-TO: Pearlescent Violet and Blush Hair Color

by MODERN Staff | September 29, 2018
Color: Larisa Love Hama Sanders
Color: Larisa LoveHama Sanders

Who needs jewelry when hair can shimmer and shine like precious pearls? Here, Joico delivers the look with semi-permanent shades in a pearlescent palette.


Starting level pre-lightened to platinum and silver toned

Formula 1: Color Intensity Silver Ice

Formula 2: Color Intensity Violet Pearl

Formula 3: Color Intensity Blush

Formula 4: Color Intensity Rose Gold + equal parts Color Intensity Clear


  1. Starting with the bottom third section, apply Formula 2 at the base, and blend down about 3 inches. Use a comb to evenly distribute the color to create a blended look.
  2. Divide section in half with a thick weave. Using large, woven sections will create a bold, color-blocked look.
  3. On the bottom half, apply Formula 1. Use fingers to melt the two colors together.
  4. On the top half, colormelt Formula 4 from shadow root color to ends.
  5. On the middle section, apply Formula 2 from base to ends. Saturate hair completely. To maintain control and avoid potential bleed, braid each section as you work up the head.
  6. Move to the top section. Apply Formula 2 to the base and bring the shadow root formula down in a teardrop shape. This should be applied deeper in the back and shorter in the front.
  7. Divide the top section in half horizontally with a large weave. Apply Formula 3 on the bottom half. Colormelt the two shades together using your fingers. Then apply Formula 1 on the top half, from shadow root to ends.
  8. Repeat steps on opposite side. Process 20 minutes, shampoo and condition.


Color: Larisa Love
Style: Richard Mannah
Photographer: Hama Sanders


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